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First Call Energy Assessors is accredited by the Northgate Domestic Energy Assessor Accreditation Scheme. We therefore opperate under their terms & conditions.

Please see the links below for an explantion of these terms and conditions.

The Northgate DEA Accreditation Scheme Code of Conduct

The Northgate DEA Complaints Procedures

The Northgate DEA Disciplinary Procedures

Terms & Conditions of Business

1. Fees & Payment

1.1 The fees charged for the preparation of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be calculated in accordance with the scale of fees and conditions available from First Call Energy Assessors or their website.

1.2 The agreed fee must be paid and funds cleared before the EPC can be accessed, unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed in writing in advance.

1.3 Fee payments can be accepted by cheque (payable to First Call Energy Assessors), or by bank transfer (account details will be provided upon request) or by cash, for which a receipt will be issued.

1.4 The client will pay the agreed fee in full should the assessment be cancelled on the day of assessment or subsequently by failing to reschedule an assessment terminated due to a breach of the terms of engagement.

1.5 If an assessment is rescheduled because of a breach of the terms of engagement, First Call Energy Assessors reserve the right to raise the fee charged for the assessment by up to 50%(fifty percent).

2. Engagement

2.1 The fee payable will be agreed prior to any assessment being undertaken.

2.2 The date and approximate time for the assessment must be agreed and confirmed in writing prior to any assessment being undertaken.

2.3 If the client or his agent or representative will not be attending the assessment, the client must ensure that First Call Energy Assessors are notified with instructions for the collection and return of the keys to the property and any alarm codes necessary. Any codes disclosed should be altered immediately following the visit.

2.4 Whilst the assessment is considered non–intrusive as the fabric of the building will not be disturbed, the assessor will require access to all areas of the building, including basements and loft areas.

2.5 The client is responsible for ensuring the assessor has safe access to all parts of the building.

2.6 Any parts of the building inaccessible to the assessor will be recorded as such and not included in the assessment.

2.7 The assessor will seek access to the loft, and will use ladders to the maximum safety height of three metres. Where the assessor considers that access is potentially unsafe, the loft will not be accessed and the insulation of the roof space will be recorded on the assessment as ‘unknown’.

2.8 The assessor is required to make site notes and to take photographs of features affecting the assessment. The assessor will seek the client’s consent to this, but without agreement the assessment cannot be completed and the client will be deemed to have cancelled the contract.

2.9 The client is responsible for ensuring that any pets or other animals are kept securely and away from the area under assessment.

2.10 The client is responsible for ensuring that any young children are supervised and kept away from any equipment being used by the assessor.

2.11 The client is responsible for ensuring that any other occupiers of the property are aware that the assessment is to take place so that the assessor does not intrude on their privacy.

2.12 The assessor must be notified of any occupier who is not to be disturbed.

3. Termination & Cancellation

3.1 The assessor will not enter the property if at the time the property is under the supervision of a young person under the age of sixteen. The visit will be terminated and may be rescheduled for a time when the client can be sure that an adult will be present.

3.2 The assessor will terminate an assessment if safety hazards become apparent which the client cannot resolve quickly. The assessor will endeavour to reschedule the assessment where possible to avoid cancellation of the contract.

3.3 If any animal should pose a risk to the assessor, the assessment will be terminated.

3.4 When an assessment has been terminated and cannot be rescheduled with mutual agreement, the contract will be cancelled.

3.5 A client wishing to cancel an appointment for an energy assessment must do so in writing. A message by email, perhaps utilising the enquiry page on the website is acceptable.

4. Liability

4.1 First Call Energy Assessors recognises the client’s statutory rights.

4.2 First Call Energy Assessors or their employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that the client suffers as a result of First Call Energy Assessors being unable to fulfil any of its obligations due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure.

4.3 First Call Energy Assessors or their employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that the client might suffer after the assessor has vacated empty or unoccupied property following an unaccompanied assessment.

4.4 If a client disputes the findings of the assessment and after discussion with First Call Energy Assessors wishes to have the property re–assessed, First Call Energy Assessors will carry out the reassessment. (1)If the original EPC is found to be inaccurate, a replacement EPC will be provided free of charge.(2) If the original EPC is found to be accurate, the client will be liable for the original fee again.

5. Complaints Procedure

5.1 First Call Energy Assessors is eager to ensure that all clients enjoy swift, friendly and professional service, but if we fall short of a client’s expectations we will endeavour to resolve any complaints right away. We urge our clients to contact us by telephone or email in the first instance, but if preferred you can put your complaint in writing addressed to First Call Energy Assessors, 3 Tudor Close, Plymstock, Plymouth PL9 9LN and your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 7 days and a resolution offered within 21 days.

5.2 If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, the case will be referred to our Accreditation Scheme, Northgate Information Solutions where it will be resolved. For more detail please refer to the link to be found on our website under Terms and Conditions or click here.