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Welcome to First Call Energy Assessors.

First Call Energy Assessors produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for sellers of domestic properties, for Residential Landlords arranging a new tenancy agreement or for holiday properties which may be let for four months or more in a twelve month period.

An EPC provides an energy efficiency rating (SAP rating) for a home and a rating for the environmental impact, based on CO2 emissions. It also includes an estimate of the energy used, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and fuel costs of the home. This is supported by recommendations on how to improve the home’s energy performance.

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Latest News:

Affordable homes have eco features
20 Feb 2010

Domestic energy advisors could inform customers that measures such as insulation and water conservation are being used to reduce energy bills in a new affordable housing development.

High levels of insulation have been included in a 27-home development in Corby, which the council expects to cut resident energy costs.

Energy efficient light fittings and water efficient fixtures also helped the properties achieve EcoHome rating of ‘very good’.

The new development was officially launched by Corby MP Phil Hope, minister for care services and minister for East Midlands last Friday (March 27th).

Regeneration group LHA-ASRA developed the site, which used to house lock-up garages and an underused children’s centre, reports 24dash.com.

Robert Nettleton, group development and regeneration director at LHA-ASRA, told the publication: “Working in partnership with Corby Borough Council, LHA has created a flagship scheme of affordable homes which will continue to meet a wide range of housing need for many years to come.”

All new homes built from 2016 will be required by law to be zero carbon.

Green Doctors to help with energy efficiency
20 Feb 2010

Domestic energy assessors acting as ‘Green Doctors’ for charity will help 1,250 fuel poor households reduce their energy bills.

The Green Doctors from environmental charity Groundforce will recommend measures such as loft insulation and draught excluders, as well as providing assistance with applying for grants.

Funded by not-for-profit energy company Ebico, the scheme is expected to save households a total of £100,000 in energy bills a year, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 680 tonnes a year.

Groundwork Chief Executive, Tony Hawkhead, said: “Tenants of rented accommodation can be at the mercy of their landlords when it comes to energy performance.

“They also tend to be poorer than those who own their own homes and less able to cope with the financial consequences of fuel poverty caused by badly insulated or draughty accommodation.”

Domestic energy assessors can also hand out Energy Performance Certificates, an essential part of a Home Information Pack.

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